Vaccines No Longer a Shot in the Dark

Vaccines are our best defence against COVID-19. But for some, getting vaccinated poses challenges. Finding transportation to an appointment, mobility challenges, newcomers without a health care card, and having the technology to book an appointment – these are all barriers that prevent some of the city’s most vulnerable from receiving a vaccine.

Residents at Horizon View, one of the largest affordable housing developments in Calgary, had easy access to vaccines on Thursday. In partnership with OKAKI and Trellis, we were able to bring vaccines directly to the home of some of the city’s most vulnerable.

“Everyone in our community has a part to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19,” says Kate Heney, Manager of Sustainable Families at Trellis. “Bringing a vaccination clinic to Horizon View made sure residents could receive a vaccine without having to jump through additional hoops.”

After just a short trip down the hall, Horizon residents received their COVID-19 vaccination.

“This saved me a long bus trip, a huge line-up, and got me my vaccine earlier than I thought,” says a Horizon resident. “I literally just stepped off the elevator and now I’m vaccinated!”

Thanks to the mobile vaccine clinics provided by OKAKI, 29 immunizations were administered at Horizon View in a safe, comfortable, and convenient location.

“OKAKI, alongside its partners, is committed to removing barriers to accessing COVID-19 vaccine for the most vulnerable Calgarians,” says Beth Woytas, Director of Program Support at OKAKI. “It is our hope that as many people as possible get immunized who may not have had the opportunity or sought immunization through conventional means. We are excited to bring immunizations directly to the homes of Horizon residents.”

Vaccines are critical, and removing barriers to access them helps protect everyones’ health. Thank you to OKAKI and Trellis for bringing hope into the homes at Horizon View.