Partner Power: How McMan & Horizon are Joining Forces for Better

Here at Horizon, we’ve always known partnerships are one of the secret ingredients to ensuring people can find and make long-lasting homes with us. And in the case of this latest partnership innovation, it means two organizations can focus on the things they do best.

On January 29, McMan Calgary & Area handed over the keys of its building in Calgary’s northwest community of Triwood to long-time partner and housing provider, Horizon Housing.

Over our 45-year history, we’ve become pretty good at providing the ‘bricks and mortar’ of housing. Decades of experience has also reinforced the fact that strong partnerships with social service agencies is where the magic happens.

From a foundational partnership established in 1976 with Canadian Mental Health Association, Horizon has grown to work with over 40 partners in the community, one of which is McMan.


Early 2020, McMan approached Horizon with a ‘win-win-win’ opportunity: as an agency focused on making a difference in the lives of children, youth, and families, they realized by having one foot in property management and another in providing supports, they weren’t able to focus on the things that really mattered to their vision and mission.

Horizon was an obvious partner choice based on a long-standing relationship and proven track record in owning and operating affordable housing. McMan would be able to concentrate efforts on delivering programs and services to the youth and families who need them.

The result? Even more of Calgary’s children, youth, and families can enjoy the best of both worlds: quality homes and appropriate supports to thrive.


Looking ahead, the property will be known as Horizon Triwood. Current residents will continue to reside in the building and over the coming months, Horizon will lease any vacant homes.

“This will allow us to concentrate on what each of us are great at,” says Soraya Saliba, McMan’s Executive Director. “McMan can focus efforts on providing responsive services and supports while Horizon will do what they are best at: taking care of the building and ensuring safety and comfort for residents and the community.”

Horizon’s CEO Martina Jileckova agrees, “This acquisition puts each of our organizations in a stronger position to deliver the best possible experience for those who need a quality, affordable place to call home. We are thrilled to collaborate with McMan and for the chance to welcome even more Calgarians home.”

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