New Mothers Find Home with Horizon

Thanks to glasswaters foundation, new and expectant mothers now make their homes at Glasswaters House. The 10-bedroom home, originally built in the 1950s as a convent, was recently revitalized and now serves as a safe haven for new mothers.

Horizon Housing and local support agency, Emma House, bring a home-like environment together with supportive programs to offer a safe and stable foundation for new and expectant mothers. At Glasswaters House, women find their independence and gain essential skills and tools as they begin their journey of parenthood.

“The moment you enter Glasswaters House, you know you have found a safe haven. The former residents created a sunny, warm and welcoming space – an ideal home for new mothers to build social connections and work on the skills they’ll need to thrive as new parents,” says Martina Jileckova, CEO of Horizon Housing. “Thanks to the generosity of glasswaters foundation, our partnership with Emma House is a leading example of how, together, we are working to break the cycle of poverty and build resilience among young women at-risk.”

“Our partnership with Horizon has doubled our capacity to house and serve young mothers,” says Deanna Branson, Executive Director of Emma House Maternity Society. “Many of the women we work with have experienced trauma. The expectant youth and women Emma House supports come from all cultural backgrounds. By providing individualized supports and life skills education, these women are offered a safe place to heal and work through experiences of family violence, mental health, poverty, addiction, homelessness and family breakdown. Emma House journeys with these young mothers through pregnancy, birth and up to the first full year with their baby – readying them for healthy lives in community.”

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to glasswaters foundation, working from the inside out for positive social change. Thank you!

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