Indigenous Housing Stability: A Path Forward

We know that Indigenous communities face unique housing challenges. We are taking action to better serve Indigenous residents. This is why we want to understand the experiences of Indigenous residents at Horizon and identify potential solutions to housing challenges.

Read the research report: Improving Housing Stability Among Indigenous Residents at Horizon Housing.

The process for creating this report was extensive. We worked closely with Dr. Nick Falvo and the Aboriginal Standing Committee on Housing and Homelessness. Indigenous residents at Horizon were interviewed by Dr. Falvo to understand their experiences, both at Horizon and throughout their lives. A focus group with Indigenous elders was held to understand the cultural needs in housing. We also created an advisory committee, with Horizon staff, residents, community leaders, and elders, which met monthly throughout the process.

The report offers 10 recommendations on how to improve housing stability among Indigenous residents. These can be implemented by Horizon and also by other housing providers. We are committed to improving how we serve Indigenous residents who make their homes with Horizon.

You can read Dr. Nick Falvo’s blog post, which captures 10 key elements of the report.