Horizon’s First Resident Creative Contest Brings Home to Life

Creative submissions from Horizon’s Residents.

This spring, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Horizon launched its first-ever Creative Contest, encouraging residents to get creative using supplies and inspiration from home. Residents sent in photos of creative pieces that represented what home meant to them. From poetry and paintings to sculptures and knitting projects, we were inspired by the creativity, talent and positivity of residents.

After careful consideration from Horizon’s panel of judges, the winners were selected!

In first place, Karen S. from Horizon West! Karen crafted pretzels into a log home and yard, complete with an elk hide teepee she painted herself.

In second place, Mike B. from Alice Bissett Place! Mike’s recreation of his home includes pine cone trees and captures the community perfectly.

In third place, Mykayla B. from Heritage Gardens! Mykayla and her family created a stunning geometric window painting that is sure to brighten the day of all passers-by.

Thank you to all residents who participated in Horizon’s Creative Contest!