Info for Current Residents

“Home means family, a quiet place, a place where I can feel good and safe.”
- Valenta, Resident
Horizon Housing

Resident Information

Take a look at Horizon Housing’s Resident Handbook for detailed information.

After Hours Resident Emergency Number: 1-877-891-9060

Use this number to report building emergencies, such as a flood or a lock out. This number is for building-related emergencies and is not meant to replace 9-1-1.

The emergency number should not be used to report non-emergencies, such as maintenance requests or tenancy questions. Instead, use the following:

Call 403-297-1746, press 3

Tenancy Questions:
Call 403-297-1746, press 2

Call 9-1-1 to access medical, fire or police services.

Building Noise
Please be considerate of others. Avoid disturbing your neighbours with loud noises. Please contact the police with any serious late-night issues.

Building Safety
Resident safety and security is our top priority. Some Horizon properties have security camera systems that record video 24/7, while other properties have entrance security cameras. Horizon staff regularly tour your building.

Only residents who have vehicles parked in underground parking are allowed in those areas. Guests are allowed in parking areas when accompanied by residents who have vehicles parked there.

Carbon Monoxide and Other Sensors
Horizon’s building mechanical rooms are equipped with carbon monoxide, temperature, water leak and natural gas sensors. These sensors are monitored 24/7 by an external security company. To ensure systems remain in good working order, staff perform regular maintenance and checks.

Anyone living in a Horizon property must be on the resident lease. Residents are allowed to have guests but must inform staff about any extended stay.

Grievance Process
Horizon will always strive to deliver a consistent high level of service. If you have not received adequate service or you wish to notify us of issues that remain unresolved, please follow our Grievance Process.

Fire Lanes
The Calgary Parking Authority tickets or tows cars illegally parked in Horizon fire lanes. Parking in these areas causes safety concerns in the event of a building fire or emergency evacuation.

Key Fobs
Horizon properties use key fobs for main entries. Fobs are programmed for each individual resident. If a fob is lost, it will be deactivated. If you have lost your fob or have issues accessing the building with it, please contact us.

Parking Protocols
Call the Parking Authority at 403-537-7100 if someone is parked in your space.

Internet and Phone Service
Horizon residents have the option of either using Shaw or Telus for internet and phone services at their personal expense. Horizon does not allow satellite dishes or any other equipment to be placed on balconies, or be attached to the building exterior.

Maintenance Concerns
We want you to have an enjoyable living experience. If you have a maintenance issue or concern, please complete a Maintenance Request Form. We will do our best to address and resolve your concerns quickly.

Pest Control
If you notice any mice or other pests, please contact us immediately.

Please complete a Maintenance Request Form if you have noisy pipes or leaking showers, sinks, tubs or toilets.

If plumbing issues or water leaks are due to misuse, you may be charged for the cost of repair or damages. Any personal property damage must be claimed from your tenant’s insurance.

Rent Payment
Horizon accepts rent payments through the Personal Pre-Authorized Debit Plan. We do not accept cash for rent payments.

We are committed to ensuring you have a positive experience with us and are pleased to receive your suggestions and feedback. Please email if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

Tenant Insurance
We require all residents to show proof of tenant insurance.

Resident Rights and Responsibilities
For more information about your rights and responsibilities as a resident, check the Alberta government website.