Frequently Asked Questions

“Horizon helps people heal. It’s important because we need organizations like Horizon Housing to make sure everyone is taken care of.”
- Patricia, Resident
Horizon Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for tenancy with Horizon?

We do not accept direct applications from prospective residents. Please contact one of our partner agencies to obtain a referral.

How can I obtain tenant insurance?

For information or to register for tenant insurance, please call 403-297-1721.

What methods do you have for rent payment?

The easiest way to pay rent is through our Personal Pre-Authorized Debit Plan.  Rent can also be paid by cheque, debit machine and money order. We do not accept cash payments for rent.

What types of homes are available at Horizon?

We own and operate 9 multi-family apartment buildings and 8 supported homes. For more information about our properties, please visit our properties page.

How are your properties maintained?

We are committed to providing quality homes for our residents while still ensuring long-term sustainability of our buildings and operations. We continually reinvest in our properties which is made possible by carefully managing our finances.

What day is my rent due?

Rent is due on the first of every month.

Are we allowed pets?

All of our apartment buildings are pet-friendly, but a pet application is required.  If you would like to apply to have a pet, please complete and submit a Pet Application Form before adoption.

Do any buildings have underground parking?

The only buildings with underground parking are Horizon West, Horizon 14 and Horizon View.

Do any buildings have a gym or pool?

None of the buildings have a gym or pool.

Are all of your properties subsidized, or do you have market tenants?

All of our buildings have subsidies, but some buildings have market tenants with limits to their household income.