Mission, Vision, Values

“We take pride in going above and beyond to treat residents with respect, dignity and compassion.”
- Amanda, Manager,
Resident Services
Horizon Housing

Here at Horizon, we are champions for home. We are committed to a community where all people have an appropriate, affordable place to live.


Providing affordable homes as a foundation for tomorrow.


To lead transformational change in the operation and development of affordable housing so that every Calgarian has a place to call home.



We believe that people feel safe, secure and valued when they are cared for with dignity and respect.


We believe that we create excellent outcomes when we attend to the quality of everything we do.


We believe that collaboration fuels innovation, growth and opportunities.

Diversity of Thought

We believe that diversity of thought leads to forward thinking solutions.


We believe that leadership is an action, not a title, and that it occurs when we’re invested in a clear mission, vision and values.