Horizon Housing Society Welcomes New CEO, Martina Jileckova

Since the departure of our former CEO, Kim O’Brien in September, we at Horizon Housing Society, have been busy planning for the future and thinking about the leadership we’ll need for the years ahead. We were fortunate to include many of our stakeholders in the recruitment process and after an extensive search, are pleased to announce Horizon Housing’s Board of Directors has appointed its new CEO, Martina Jileckova.

Formerly Vice President of HomeSpace Society, Martina comes to the role with 20 years of progressively senior leadership experience in the real estate sector. Many of our partners will already be familiar with Martina and her work: she currently serves as Co-Chair of the Community Housing Affordability Collective (CHAC) and also provides leadership on the planning committee for the National Housing Day’s “Opening Doors” Conference.

As a respected leader within the sector, Martina’s deep relationships with government and community partners and broad experience in real estate development are well aligned with Horizon Housing’s strategic priorities. Her leadership style will be a complement to Horizon’s organizational culture and her visionary approach will challenge us to further define our role in shaping the affordable housing sector.

With an ambitious strategic plan and a continued focus on responsible growth, community advocacy, and strong partnerships, we know strong leadership is essential to our ability, as an organization, to meet the needs of some of our community’s most vulnerable. Martina’s communication, leadership and relationship building skills combine passion and purpose with a shared vision for a city where all people have access to affordable, appropriate homes. Martina officially joined Horizon Housing’s team December 11, 2017.