Horizon Housing Celebrates Accessibility at Bob Ward Residence

On March 10, Horizon Housing Society gathered at its Bob Ward Residence building, along with tenants, staff, donors, government officials and community partners to celebrate the completion of an elevator project that has brought greater accessibility to residents.

This three-story apartment building, built in 2003, is home to 63 Calgarians, many who experience a physical disability, are seniors, or face varying mobility challenges. The addition of an elevator in the building has transformed the lives of residents by creating a space where all are welcome and can, as a result, establish and maintain their homes into the future.

“I have lived in Bob Ward Residence for over ten years and each year it becomes more difficult to go up and down the stairs. I have lost most of my toes and need to wear sandals, but they cause me to trip when using the stairs.” said Dan, tenant at Bob Ward Residence. “The new elevator is fabulous. I no longer worry about the daily issues like getting my mail on the first floor.”

The project was made possible through the support of many community philanthropists along with a $275,000 grant from the Government of Alberta.

“Through the generosity of Calgary philanthropists and the support from the Government of Alberta, we are building stronger, more accessible communities,” said Kim O’Brien, Executive Director, Horizon Housing Society. “This elevator is truly changing the lives of vulnerable Calgarians and helping them remain in supportive, affordable housing long-term.”

Horizon Housing would like to once again thank those who have contributed to the Bob Ward Elevator project and everyone who joined us to celebrate the occasion.