An Important Message from Horizon Housing’s Board of Directors and CEO

Message from Bryan Romanesky, President, Board of Directors, Horizon Housing Society

It is with a heavy heart I share the news that Kim O’Brien will be leaving on September 1 to take a position as President and CEO with United Active Living. Kim has led Horizon Housing for over nine years and has been a tremendous trailblazer, not only within our organization, but also as a strong voice and advocate for the affordable housing sector.

While Kim’s departure is difficult, I feel secure in the knowledge that Horizon Housing is in capable hands with a clear plan to move forward with the mission of providing affordable homes to people in need. Kim will remain as CEO until September 1, providing for a period to transition that will ensure stability of our ongoing operations and preparation for our future. I am incredibly proud of the strength and depth of Horizon Housing’s team, the partnerships we’ve established, expanded and strengthened and the stability and sustainability of our operations. I am also excited that Horizon Housing has an innovative and progressive strategic plan with a well-equipped Board and team to implement it in the months and years ahead.

Over the coming weeks, our Board of Directors will establish a committee that will support recruitment efforts and other elements of the transition and we will continue to keep you updated around key elements of the transition, including appointment of a new CEO.

Finally, I would like to share my sincere gratitude for the significant role Kim has played in shaping Horizon Housing into the leading organization it is today. It is in large part thanks to her contributions to our succession plan and her focus on strong and sustainable operations, that we have a clear path forward that will ensure our sustainability for the months and years ahead.


Bryan Romanesky
President, Board of Directors
Horizon Housing Society

Message from Kim O’Brien, CEO, Horizon Housing Society

It is hard to believe that almost nine years have passed since I joined the incredible organization – Horizon Housing. When I think back on those early days, what sticks with me is the incredible sense of compassion, care and possibility that resonated from everyone I met: the staff, board, our agency partners, and from all of our community supporters so dedicated to supporting Horizon in its work.

Fast forward nearly a decade and that feeling of care and possibility has transformed to passion. If there is something I am most proud of, it is the fact that today, our people are setting the bar for standards of service, quality homes, and collaboration. Our people have a passion for what they do and a wealth of skill and ability to drive that work forward. When I depart September 1, it will be with the knowledge that this passion and care will continue well beyond my time here.

I would like to share my appreciation with all who have supported my ambitions for Horizon Housing and for our community: staff, board members, tenants, partners, donors, the RESOLVE Campaign staff, volunteers and supporters.

Horizon Housing’s Board of Directors have a clear vision of the future and a solid plan to move ahead. As work progresses on the Glamorgan project it is a standing reminder of the focus and determination of this talented group of volunteers and their commitment to the vision, mission and values of Horizon Housing. I am grateful for their support, wisdom and leadership and am excited by the ambitious, yet sustainable vision they have for the organization for the years to come.

Together, we have been a part of an important shift in how our community values the need for affordable housing and have used our collective voice and commitment to partnership to make meaningful change. Nothing better exemplifies this than the RESOLVE campaign which has passion of mine since it was just an idea in the minds of its founding partners. The power and wisdom of collaboration: that together, we are better, stronger, and more able to create vibrant, thriving communities is now engrained in who I am.

During my time here, I have had the privilege of learning about the many journeys and experiences of our Tenants. It is these relationships and interactions that I will bring with me to the next chapter of my career, to remind me that joy and learning can be found in nearly every experience and that a home is truly a place where dreams can begin. Spending time with our Tenants has been a gift and will forever impact my life.

I am honoured to have led this organization and been part of making home possible for hundreds of Calgarians in need. While excited by things to come, I will treasure the friendship and passion I have found here.


Kim O’Brien
Horizon Housing Society