2017 Annual General Meeting and Awards of Appreciation

Horizon Housing Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held Tuesday, June 20 marking an occasion to reflect on milestones of the past year and share goals and strategic direction for the future. The event also provides an opportunity to recognize and thank those who support Horizon Housing Society’s vision and mission and are committed to making our community a better place for everyone.

This year’s Individual Award of Appreciation went to Anne Cartledge. As a tenant of Horizon Housing for over 12 years, Anne has become a champion for Horizon Housing’s work as well as a vocal advocate for Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens. She has actively contributed to the Community Housing Affordability Collective’s One-Window project and continues to advocate with incredible energy around challenges seniors face as they transition from Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped to Old Age Security. Anne is committed to ensuring our system evolves to meets the needs of our community and is a valiant supporter of affordable housing. Horizon Housing’s Board honours Anne Cartledge with its 2017 Individual Award of Appreciation and thanks her for her ongoing commitment to helping Calgarians in need.

The Glamorgan Community Association was selected as recipient of this year’s Organization Award of Appreciation. The Glamorgan Community Association has been a valued partner and advocate from the early days of Horizon Housing’s new development. Its commitment to working together supports our vision of an inclusive community with affordable housing options for all. The Glamorgan Community Association has not only been a strong voice of welcome for Calgarians in need of a range of housing options, but also a valuable resource for Horizon Housing Society in our efforts to remain a welcome and trusted neighbour in the community. Its leadership and support through the community consultation and pre-development engagement process has ensured the new development reflects the needs and desires of residents and broader community.

On behalf of Horizon Housing’s Board of Directors, Board President Bryan Romanesky presented the Awards of Appreciation to Anne Cartledge and Beryl Ostrom, President of the Glamorgan Community Association.