Info for Current Tenants

“Home means family, a quiet place, a place where I can feel good and safe.”
- Valenta, Tenant
Horizon Housing Society

Tenant Information

After Hours Tenant Emergency Number: 1-877-891-9060
Horizon Housing Society has an emergency number that may be used to report building emergencies after regular office hours. A building emergency may be a flood, no heat, etc. Please do not hesitate to use this number if an emergency occurs. This number is for building-related emergencies and is not meant to replace 911.

The emergency number should not be used during office hours or to report non-emergency related matters such as maintenance, complaints, etc. In these situations, please leave a message at the office number of your Building Manager and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

For all situations involving noise complaints, disruptive behaviour of tenants or guests, suspicious activities or strangers in the building, call 911.

Building Safety
Tenant safety and security is Horizon Housing Society’s first priority. Some Horizon Housing Society properties have security camera systems in place which record video 24/7, while other properties have entrance security cameras. Generally, the entrance security camera can be accessed on your TV through channel 117 or channel 398; this service depends on your television provider. With the upgrade in Shaw’s digital TV services, older TVs, or Telus customers may not receive the entrance security camera feature.

For the security of our tenants, Building Managers regularly tour your building. If a Building Manager finds anyone in the building who is unaccompanied and is not a tenant, they will be asked to leave the premises.

Only tenants who have vehicles parked in underground parking are allowed in those areas. Guests are allowed in parking areas when accompanied by tenants who have vehicles parked there. To ensure the safety and security of tenants using the parking areas, all unaccompanied guests will be asked to leave secure parking areas.

Tenant Insurance
Your most valuable material possessions are probably your home and its contents. Can you afford to replace them? Do you know that your landlord has no legal responsibility to replace or pay for your personal possessions?

A small amount of furniture may not look like it is worth much, but when you have to replace it with something new it could break your budget. If you have bought a stereo or furniture on a credit card and it is destroyed by fire or stolen, you are still responsible for paying the remaining balance to your credit card company.

If an insured threat (i.e. fire) damages your unit and it is rendered unfit to live in, your insurer will cover any necessary increase in living expenses (including moving costs) while the premises is being repaired.

Did you know that you may have a legal responsibility to replace an entire apartment building even though you may be renting only a small part of it? For example, without liability coverage, if your stove caught fire leading to damage you could end up paying for a long, long time.

Personal liability is similar to third-party liability car insurance, only for owners and occupants of buildings. It applies anywhere in the world to bodily injury you may unintentionally inflict on others or to accidental damage of their property.

For more information or to register for tenant insurance, please call 403-297-1721.

Key Fobs
Key fobs are used in most Horizon Housing Society properties allowing access to main entrances. Fobs are programmed for each individual tenant, and if lost will be deactivated. If you have lost your fob or have issues accessing the building with it, please contact your Building Manager.

Anyone living in a Horizon Housing property must be on the tenant lease. Tenants are allowed to have guests stay over one week in any given month, but must inform the Building Manager about the extended stay.

Carbon Monoxide and other Sensors
Horizon Housing’s building mechanical rooms are equipped with carbon monoxide, temperature, water leak and natural gas sensors. These sensors are monitored 24/7 by an external security company. To ensure systems remain in good working order, Building Managers also perform regular maintenance and checks of all safety equipment and building systems.

Paying Rent
The easiest and most reliable way to pay your rent is through the Personal Pre-Authorized Debit Plan.  Rent can also be paid by cheque, debit machine and money order. We do not accept cash for rent payments.

Fire Lane and Parking Protocols
The City Parking Authority is now ticketing or towing cars illegally parked in Horizon Housing Society Fire Lanes. Parking in these areas causes safety concerns in the event of a building fire or emergency evacuation.

Tenants can call the Parking Authority at 403-537-7100, if someone is parked in your space. The City Parking Authority patrols 24 hours a day-7 days a week, and will require tenant permission to ticket and tow vehicles.

My faucets make a noise when I open them.

This is caused by a bad seal or damaged valve seat. This is easily repaired by replacing the valve seat and cartridge seal. If you have noisy faucets, please let us know by filling out a Maintenance Request Form. Noisy piping can affect your neighbours to the left and right of you, and several floors above and below you; especially at night when most people are sleeping.

My shower and tub faucet is leaking.

This can be caused by trying to shut off the shower with the faucet diverter push rod. The way to shut off the shower is to close both hot and cold water faucet handles at the same time; the shower will shut off automatically. Trying to shut the shower off using the shower diverter rod may damage the seal and cause leaks.

It is vital that you fill out a Maintenance Request Form, as soon as you notice a water leak. If you plug up and overflow a toilet with anything other than what normally goes down a toilet, you may be charged for the repair. Tenants who plug up sinks with waste food may be charged for the repair. If you are not sure how to dispose of certain types of waste, please
ask your Building Manager.

Overflowing toilets, under sink leaks and any other leaks will be repaired, but any personal property damage will have to be claimed from your tenant’s insurance, or by claiming against the person who caused the water leak. If the tenant is at fault for any water leaks, they will be charged for the damage and cost of repairs.

Internet and Phone Service
Horizon Housing Property tenants have the option of either using Shaw or Telus to provide internet and phone services at the tenant’s expense. Horizon Housing Society does not allow satellite dishes or any other equipment to be placed on balconies, or be attached to the building exterior. Please have cable and internet providers buzz in and out by using the intercom system. The number to open the main door is #6 on your telephone.

Pest Control
If you notice any kind of pests such as mice, bugs, etc. please contact your Building Manager immediately.

Pigeons can cause potential pest control issues and health hazards. It is the tenant’s responsibility to clean balconies to prevent pigeons from nesting on balconies. If you notice pigeons nesting on your balcony, please contact your Building Manager.

Building Noise
We ask that tenants be considerate of others late at night and not slam doors, windows, toilet seats, or have music or televisions on too loud. Please contact the police with any serious late-night issues.

Maintenance Concerns
Horizon Housing wants you to have an enjoyable living experience. If you have a maintenance issue or concern, please complete a Maintenance Request Form and submit to your Building Manager. We will do our best to address and resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. Ensure to include your contact information so that your Building Manager can follow up directly with you regarding maintenance status updates. Maintenance Request Forms are also provided by your Building Manager and are often located in the lobby or office area of your building.

Information for Tenants
For more information about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, please download the Information for Tenants brochure.

We are committed to ensuring you, our tenant, has a positive experience with us and are pleased to receive your suggestions and feedback. Please email if you have any comments, questions or concerns.